Seafood cheddar chowder

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Makes 4 servings


2 boiled potatoes

5-10 fresh shrimp cleaned and peeled

1 Squid cleaned and cut into cubes

100g Cheddar cheese

1 can evaporated milk

1 onion

2 garlic

1 shot ouzo

Basil leaves

1 teaspoon cumin

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon salt” or to taste, remember the Vegetable cube is salty”

50g Butter

1 cube vegetable broth

Cooking instructions

In a frying pan add olive oil, butter, onions, shrimp and squid, salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes stirring constantly and add the ouzo an cumin. Mash the boiled potatoes with a fork (leave some lumps), add them to pan also add the vegetable cube and stir until cube dissolves. lower the heat to low and gradually pour in the milk “remember stir constantly” when the milk warms add the cheddar cheese (you could add more cheese to thicken) stir until thick add the basil and your good to go. Serve with crackers.

Recipe : Fotios Evangelopoulos

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